A look at the Presidents of the 5th Republic

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The formidable monster weighing 8,000 tons and 128 meters long, glides softly in the waters of the port of Cherbourg. General de Gaulle, re-elected president in 1965, had just pushed a green button. On that day, France joined the very exclusive club of naval nuclear powers. The event is of national significance. “I address my congratulations to the shipyard of Cherbourg that has developed this submarine which is essential for our navy,” assured De Gaulle. “And in this way, for our defense. And in this way, for our independence, long live France!” The children of the shipyard workers had the right to be present to see the General, who had come with two ministers in office at the time, Pierre Messmer and Alain Peyrefitte.

In full uniform, general de Gaulle traveled standing up in his presidential Chambord limousine from Maupertus airport to the shipyard. His arrival was saluted by 101 cann…

Mozambique’s Golden Opportunity

Mozambique’s Golden Opportunity

Almost a decade ago, discoveries of World Wide deposits of Natural gas made a boom mindset in Mozambique, states James Swan, an American diplomat and former Foreign Service Officer working in Africa.

Time Magazine in 2010 explained East Africa as a bonanza. Impressed significant hydrocarbons exploration and production companies. Anadarko Petroleum explained Mozambique's gas residue in 2011 as possibly'one of the most important natural gas fields discovered in the last ten years.'

The southeast African nation of Mozambique has copious organic Resources along with also a 2,700-kilometre Indian Ocean shore gives ready access to major Asian economies, and it is still one of the ten weakest countries on the planet. Its growth was from the 1960s through the early 1990s with a violent struggle for liberty, ill-planned transition out of Portuguese colonial rule, along with 15-year civil war. Since emerging from battle and fretting on market-based f…

Strengthening US-Brazil Trade and FDI

Great expectations surrounded the March 2019 meeting between Presidents Jair Bolsonaro and Donald Trump in Washington. Among the top agenda items: how to inject new momentum into the bilateral commercial relationship. The two leaders did not disappoint.

A number of trade-and-investment-related commitments were announced, and have the potential to significantly deepen two-way commerce and capital flows.

Now, the next step is implementation of pledges made in Washington.

Seizing this historic yearning for greater economic integration between the United States and Brazil would pay historical dividends for two countries that share important democratic values and historical backgrounds, and have prosperous, longstanding and mutually beneficial trade and investment relations.

Credit: US Brazil Trade

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